Jan 17


The upgrade today is taking longer time than expected due to some data issues that has been discovered. We are working on correcting the discovered issues. We are expecting expono.com to be live again at 7 PM GMT.

We are sorry for the inconvience.

In the meantime, here is the changelog of new features that will go live with this update.

Update #8 – Location browsing & Embed Code
2009-01-17 (v0.9.0-2865)

– You can now browse your photos or a another user’s photos by location.
– A new toolbar was added to the Album overview page for easier access to tag/edit/organize multiple photos.
– On the photo page you can now find a direct link to the image URL, and embed code which you can use on your own blog or website.
– You can now write your own personal message when you share Album or Photos.
– Improved Messages and Notifications. If multiple photos are tagged with people, keywords, and/or locations they will only trigger ONE message and not a message for every photo tagged.
– The last 5 recently viewed albums are now displayed in the Albums menu, for quick and easy access. – Downloading original photos now opens a “Save as” dialog. – User page now displays the last location where a user has been location tagged.
– Improvements and bugfixes made to both Album and Photo sharing.
– IE6 speed improvements when viewing shared content. Note: IE6 is NOT supported, but we try to make the best viewing experience for those visiting the site with it.
– Lots of bugfixes and minor enhancments.

UPDATE 7.36PM We are now up and running again 🙂

The data issue was related to a few users’ imported contacts from third-party services. Some data from these services had invalid data which slipped our filters. This has now been corrected.

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