Oct 24

An update on updates

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It’s been a little bit quiet on the blog the last couple of weeks, and that is because we have been cranking code and working long hours to fix bugs, and features requested by you 🙂

We are doing an additional update on the site today (which totals over 50 bugfixes since Update #3). We wanted to make sure stuff are stable before we dive into the massive rewrite of our current privacy settings and finish the work on sharing and invites. The new privacy give the you flexibility to have a much more detailed control over who have access to see your photos. We are introducing custom groups, passwords and time limited urls on both album level and individual photo level.

I would like to give you a summary of what has been done in the last 3 updates during the last 4 weeks since we launched our closed private beta:

Update #3 – Smarter Batch Editing and Rotation is here!
2008-10-14 (v0.8.4-2102)

– Manual Rotation is now available under the “More Option” menu on your photo pages
– Greater control in “Edit Photos”. You can now explicit select/deselect the photos you want edit.
– Recent photos tagged of you is now displayed on the dashboard in addition to new photos uploaded by your friends
– Restore Thumbnails. If you have broken photos today you can use this function to restore all thumbnails so they match your original uploaded photo.
– Now you can view all comments made on your photos in the album page!
– Delete or Edit contacts from the Address Book
– Album Search. It is now possible to search through your albums using titles, description or year.
– You now have the choice to apply index numbers to titles when changing the title on multiple photos.
– Improvements to all RSS feeds. You can now choose between 3 types of RSS.

  1. New photos by Expono Users
  2. New photos by A User
  3. Photos in a specific album

– You can now delete, or mark as read, multiple messages at once from your Inbox
– New filter in the photos tab to list photos not in an album
– Lightview (in fullscreen album view) now displays all photos in the album, not only the photos per page.
– Photo description is now available in the slideshow (lightview).
– Popular tags now lists up to 1000 tags!
– It’s now possible to add up to 100 photos with a specific tag to your stack
– You can now add a contact to your address book by clicking on “Add as new” when tagging, if he/she doesn’t show in the autocompleter
– You can now search photos in “Create Album”. – And a bunch of minor bugfixes and enhancements

Update #2 – New Feedback System and lots more
2008-10-03 (v0.8.2-2000)

– New Photos on the dashboard. A much better way to see new photos uploaded by your connections.
– Friends of friends is now conveniently listed on the dashboard, maybe you will find people you know but is not connected with?
– Old feedback system has been replaced by a much better and easier system. Try it!
– Writing a comment on another user’s photo notifies everyone who has commented on the photo before you. This way everybody can join the conversation!
– Now you can change your contacts name and email in your Address Book.
– You can now create an album directly from the photos in a stack
– “Changed Password” has moved from “Your Account” to “Your Profile”
– When you send a connection request to a friend, he/she is automatically added to your Address Book, so now you can start tagging your friends on your photos right away.
– Safari fixes in the album creator. Sorting now works for Safari users.
– Sort order of photos in “Edit Photos” has been fixed.
– It’s now possible to location tag a whole stack of photos without overwriting existing locations, but only photos without one.
– Uploaded photos with GPS data where location lookups fails against geonames are still location tagged, but with coordinates instead of a know location.
– Links/URL are now made clickable in messages
– The RSS feeds now provides photos with a higher resolution
– It’s now possible to list more than 25 connections
– Optimizations to the search indexing
– It’s now possible to browse photos of a tagged person
– Dashboard’s “Let’s get it started” links which has been done are automatically removed next time you login.
– Double clicking a photo in the album creator now set it as cover photo for the album
– Invited users are no longer automatically connected with the person who invited them as friends.
– The user badge now has a direct link to all comments made by a user

Update #1 – Improvements to the uploader
2008-09-30 (v0.8.2-1953)

– Improvements to the uploader (backend and logging)
– Pausing and resuming should now work as expected
– Connection request buttons in your inbox now show correctly action
– Time zones in your profile now shows correct GMT time difference
– Now you can see older activities for made by You and by Others
– Improved the layout of albums in your Inbox
– The layout of your Address Book and your People tab has been fixed for Opera users
– You can also enjoy alphabetically ordered Tag suggestions
– The Fullscreen Album view now works as planned 🙂
– UI fixes for users running Firefox version 2
– Logout link is now available in the upper right corner next to the search box.
– Internal adjustments in system logging

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