Sep 17

Most people don’t know how bad a browser Internet Explorer is. We have stopped supporting IE6 because of its limitations and bugs (it is after all a 7 year old browser). How about IE7 then? I’m sorry to say that IE7 isn’t much better. It is amazing how much time we spend on fixing workarounds to make stuff work in IE, its very rare that we have issues with other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera), they usually work the same way. If not, the bugs will get fixed within a reasonable timeframe.

A little company like us, with only 4 developers, the time spent on IE is very noticable. Time tables gets skewed, delays, and in some cases we have to drop making cool stuff because it simply would take us too much time to make it work on IE. This was one of the reasons we decided to drop IE6.

Now, if only IE7 was as good as it was meant to be. It is not. The most recent bug in IE7 came with a security patch. It broke not only our code, but most of the sites using prototype js library.

I’m not alone when I say, Microsoft, take your responsibility as a marketshare leader and fix your bugs! I believe that not only we (the expono dev team) but thousands of web developer hopes IE8 will put an end to all this.

I also urge all existing users to try out other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera, or even the new google browser Chrome when it comes out of beta (which actually already works better than IE in beta).

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