Oct 20

Hi there,

There’s just 10 more days to enter our October photo contest!

Upload a photo you’ve taken at www.expono.com for your chance to win a camera or an Expono Plus Membership.

You can see all entries and mark your favorites here!


photo contest october




Oct 16

Many people still claim film photography is the best way to truly learn the technicalities of a camera.

Check out this infographic with all the information you need to master the manual mode!



Oct 14

Did you know that with a Plus Membership, you get access to the Expono downloader (for Mac, Windows and Linux)?

This tool enables you to download all your photos in one click!

It also gives you the opportunity to auto-Organize photos in folders based on albums.

Visit our web today to find out more or sign up for an Expono Plus Membership!





Oct 09


Check out these 8 ways you know when you’re a photographer!

Do you fit in with the list?



Oct 07

Hi there,

Do you have a trip coming up?

Then check out these 7 simple but useful travel photography tips!




Oct 03

Hi there,

A new photo contest starts now! :)

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo at Expono and tag it with contest oct14.

The contest ends October 31st and first prize is the camera Canon PowerShot A2600.

As usual, two people will also win an  Expono Plus Membership for a full year.

Read more here!



Oct 02

We have selected the winners in our September photo contest!

First prize goes to Maurice Shutgens for the amazing photo from the Namib desert. Congratulations to your new camera! We will contact you directly for delivery. Your photo also had the most favorite marks, which entitles you to one years Plus Membership with Expono! :)

Most views had Larry Quick’s photo. Congratulations, you too win a Plus Membership for one full year!

Your accounts will be upgraded automatically this week.

Many thanks to everyone that participated in September’s contest!

Join our next one for more chances to win great prizes! It will be presented later today.



Sep 30

How can you stimulate that creativity when it comes to photography? How can you find inspiration to new photos?

These are questions answered in an article at Picturecorrect.com. It lists 9 great sources for photography inspiration.

Check it out here!





Sep 28

Hey blog readers,

Now there’s just a few more days to enter our photo contest!

All you need to do to enter is to upload a photo at Expono.com and tag it with contest sep14.

You can win a camera from Nikon or an Expono Plus membership for a full year.

Here’s more info on Expono Plus Membership!

And here’s more info on the contest and its rules!

Good luck to everyone :)



Sep 25

Hello there,

Did you know that the sun-down doesn’t necessarily mean the end of photo opps.

Check out these advice for night landscape photography!




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