Jan 27

Hi there,

Are you new to Expono and curious on why and how to use it?

Then check out this video!




Jan 24

Hi everyone!

Now there’s just one more week to enter our photo contest in January. Enter now and compete for a Nikon Coolpix L29 or an Expono Plus Membership!

In order to win, all you have to do is to upload a photo you’ve taken at www.expono.com and tag it with contest jan15. (Also, make sure you display EXIF data for the picture, a recent change we made to the contest in order to minimize cheating. Reade more here: http://goo.gl/DggJQD)

There are many great contributions already and we are very excited to be able to crown a winner next week!

Join the contest or vote for your favorite photo here!


Nikon Coolpix L29


Jan 20

Hi there,

Do you also sometimes find interior photography a bit challenging?

It can be tricky to get the right light and to deal with difficult surrondings.

This list gives five great tips to improve your indoor photo skills!



Jan 16

Hello dear blog readers!

Are you keen on getting some more inspiration for your photos?

If so, check out this list of the top 10 photographers of all time!



Jan 13

After some valid concern and input from you our fans, we’ve found it necessary to add some restrictive measures to the monthly photo competition. All photos submitted must now (including this month) contain EXIF Data to be a valid entry. This is to prevent Expono.com from selecting photos that do not originate from a camera in a contestant’s possession. It’s a way for us (and you) to secure a fair competition.

Therefore it is important to remember to select “enclose EXIF Data”, when you export your photo from a photo editing tool such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, Aperture, Gimp and others.

Once uploaded, the photo needs to display EXIF Data in Expono.com and therefor it is equally important that users leave the setting “Hide EXIF Data” unchecked. This setting is found under Settings/Privacy TAB.

We hope this will reduce concerns that some contestants have expressed.

New to our contest? Find out all about it here!


EXIF DATA in Exponoe (2)

Jan 12

Hi there!

I noticed that Mashable has listed The best photos of 2014.

Do you agree with the list?


YE Spain Human Tower


Jan 08

Hi there,

Are you looking to improve your portrait photography skills?

Have a look at these 10 tips!

What’s your best advice for nice portrait photos?





Jan 06

How do you convey motion in pictures?

What is important to think about when photographing slow or fast moving objects?

The answers can be found in this great article!




Jan 03

Hello there,

We hope you’ve had a nice start of 2015. It can get even better though – January’s photo contest starts now ;)

To enter, all you need to do is upload a photo at Expono and tag it with contest jan15.

The contest ends January 31st and the prize is the camera Nikon CoolPix L29.

Read more here!


Nikon Coolpix L29

Jan 02

The results are in – we have the winners of our December Photo Contest :)

First prize goes to Emil Ronnelin! Congratulations to your new camera! We will contact you directly for information about delivery.

Most views had “Jingjing”’s photo and most favorite marks had Sami Rahkonen’s photo. Congratulations to you two as well, your Expono Memberships will be upgraded automatically to Plus Memberships next week.

Thanks to everyone that participated in December’s contest.

Join our next one for more chances to win great prizes! Coming soon…


vinnare decembers fototävling

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