Feb 12

Hi there,

Picturecorrect.com gives advise on how to improve your black & white photography.

Check out the 10 tips here!



Feb 09

Hi there,

I came across these creative photo composition ideas – pretty neat, right?

Grab your camera and look around in search for some “natural” frames! :)



Feb 07

Expono is free for all users, but as ”Plus” indicates, we do have a more exclusive option.

With an Expono Plus Membership, you can allow your friends to download your pictures. This is useful for friends and family who wants to create their own albums and merge your photos with their own.

You can also build as many groups of friends as you like. This way you will get a much better control of who can see your different albums or single photos.

And another really great benefit – there are no limits to storage of photos for the Plus members.

Plus members can also edit their photos online. Some time you upload photos without bothering to edit. But with a Plus membership, it’s not too late to improve your photos with Pixlr. Everything online and all within Expono.

That’s some of all the benefits of an Expono plus membership. Check out more advantages here!



Feb 04

Hi dear blog friends!

We hope you haven’t missed our winter photo contest, because there’s only a few weeks left and great prizes to be won!

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo you’ve taken yourself at Expono.com and tag it with winter contest.

What you can win? The digital SLR camera CANON EOS 1200D if your contribution is the jury’s favorite, or an Expono plus account for a full year if your photo gets the most favorite marks or the most views.

Enter by February 29, the winners will be announced the following week.

Find all the details here!




Feb 01

Hi there,

Composition doesn’t come naturally to many photographers, and sometimes it can be good to be reminded about the basics.

Check out this list of 10 great composition rules!



Jan 29

Hi there,

Check out these photographers who turned their snowmen into art!

Maybe spikes ideas for Expono’s winter photo contest? :) Find out all about it here!



Jan 27


Texture is something that can sometimes easily be over-looked in photography.

But the fact is, using texture creatively can lead to eye-catching photos.

Check out these tips!



Jan 24

It warms our hearts in the wintery cold to see all the great entries in our photo contest <3

If you haven’t joined – make sure you do! You can win a digital SLR camera or a 1 year Plus membership with Expono!

Read more about the contest here!



Jan 21

Hi there,

In an article at Picturecorrect.com, photographer Mo Azam gives some advise that helps you suceed with close-up pictures!

Some of his tips are:

– Place your object somewhere near an open window so you get natural light with soft shadows. Notice how I said near, not at the window—half a meter to one meter should do it.

– Open the aperture as far as it will go. On my lens it’s f/1.8, but you should open it as far as it will go on yours.

– Have a reasonably fast shutter speed so you don’t get motion blur.

Check out the full article here!



Jan 13

Last week, we lifted the best drone photography from 2015. But what about the photos from under water?

Mashable has listed the best underwater photos from last year in this article.

Check it out, it’s pretty amazing!


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