Jan 21

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In this article, there are some great winter photography tips.

Who knows – it might give you an advantage in our winter photo contest! ūüôā



Jan 17

Objects in motion can appear transparent and obscured by blurring when the shutter is opened for an extended period of time. This is sometimes referred to as ghosting.

While some people aim to create dramatic results by obscuring their subjects, others might not like it.

In this article photographer Mark Wallace explains why ghosting occurs and how you can stop it.



Jan 15

Do you always know which lens to go with and why?

Award-winning photographer Gene Rodman shares insights and advice on lenses in this article.



Jan 12

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Would you like to win a digital SLR camera or a 1-year Expono Plus Membership?

Upload your photo at Expono and tag it with winter contest 16 for your chance to win!

Click here for more info and rules!


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Jan 10

Sometimes it’s a good idea to touch up on the basics, or just refreshing to find a new approach to better photography.

This article includes a  checklist for remembering important points, and a roadmap for creating more memorable photos.





Jan 08

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Have you seen the entries in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition?

Check out some of the best ones here! Pretty breathtaking, if you ask us!

Members of the public have until January 10 to cast their online vote.


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Jan 04

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As most of us can agree – there is always room for self-improvement.

Check out these tips on how to improve the way you create photos.

It might make you an even better photographer in 2017.




Jan 02

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Why not start of the year by doing something that can get you a brand new digital SLR camera, or a 1-year Expono plus membership? Enter our photo contest!

This is how you join:

1. Sign in at Expono (or sign up for free if you are not yet a member)

2. Upload your photos

3. Choose a photo and tag it with winter contest 16 (find out how to tag photos in Expono here)


Encourage your friends and family to view and favorite mark your uploaded photo in order to improve your odds.

The contest ends February 28. Good luck everyone!


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Dec 31

We’d like to take the opportunity to wish all you Expono users a wonderful New Year’s eve tonight, and a fabulous 2017!

As a little treat we’d like to give a tip on this humorous list over some of the best photoshop battles of the year.



Dec 29


Did you know that when using a long lens while shooting on a hot day, it can decrease the quality of your images?

Find out how heat can affect your lens and distort your photos in this article!


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