Nov 25

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There’s less than one week’s time until our fall photo contest is over. Make sure to enter by November 30 for your chance to win a digital SLR camera from Nikon or a 1-year Expono Plus Membership!

To enter, all you need to do is upload a photo you’ve taken at and tag it with contest fall15.

All the details can be found here, and you can check out the entries here.

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Nov 22

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Do you feel like you’re out of new photo ideas?

Check out these advice for finding new inspiration!



Nov 19

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Do you ever play around with reflection in your photos?

It can be both fun and challenging.

This article shows off 10 creative ways to use it!



Nov 16

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Today, it’s Just two weeks left of our November photo contest… Enter for your chance to win the digital SLR camera Nikon D3200! All you need to do is uploading a photo you’ve taken at and tag it with contest fall15.

You can also win a 1-year Plus Membership with Expono. Check out all the advantages of a Plus Membership here!

More contest info and rules can be found here.





Nov 13

Behind every great photo is a strong concept. The camera doesn’t matter so long as you tell a good story. These are some of the advice from professional photographers in an article at

Check out all 10 tips here!



Oct 30

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Composition can be seen as quite a subjective matter, there are no definite rules on how to do it. Yet, we all somehow seem to know when it is a greatly or poorly composed photo we’re looking at.

Read more about composition in this article, and 5 things you should know about the subject.


composition  mastering-composition-03

Oct 27

Some cities seem to be more photo-friendly than others.

Check out this list of the 25 most photographed cities in Europe!

Did your favorite city make the cut?

View on Paris form Notre Dame cathedral

View on Paris form Notre Dame cathedral

Ariel view of The Colosseum in  Rome.

Ariel view of The Colosseum in Rome.

Canal Grande with Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy

Canal Grande with Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy



Oct 23

When setting up to take a picture, many DSLR users will use either Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority. Both shooting modes are great for specific scenarios, but which should you use when?

Find guidance in this article!



Oct 19

Incorporate action, go with the flow and get every possible combination – check out these and more tips for creative family photos in this article!



Oct 15

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Looking to get some new inspiration for your photography?

Then check out this great list from Mashable over the year’s best travel photos from around the world.


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