Jul 24

“For every great brand in the consumer market, there’s always at least one rival keeping users divided.” In an article with Picturecorrect.com, the two camera giants Nikon and Canon are compared. Check it out here!

Which of the two brands do you prefer and why?


Jul 22

The winners of the 2016 CWAS David Malin Awards have been announced.

Check out the winning entries of AMAZING night sky photography here!


night sky

Jul 20

“However, to truly create a unique experience with your images, you need to think long and hard about your lens choice. While there are plenty options out there, only you can determine how you want your story to be told. Choose wisely, and you can create the ultimate storytelling experience.”

Check out photographers Mark Wallace’s advice on choosing the right lens for storytelling photography.



Jul 15

Hi there,

Hope you haven’t missed the opportunity to win a digital SLR camera or a 1 year Expono plus membership?! 🙂

Join our summer photo contest today!

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo at Expono and tag it with summer contest 16.

Last day to enter is September 30. Read more here!


Nikon d3300

Jul 12

Hi there,

I came across an article about wide angle lens photography at Picturecorrect.com.

It has some great tips that will help you get creative with your wide-angle lenses.

Check it out here!



Jul 10

Hi there,

Do you have a little furry friend? Would like to improve your dog photography skills?

Then check out these techniques and tips for taking pictures of man’s best friend!



Jul 07

“Choosing your viewpoint and composition thoughtfully and carefully, when shooting, will greatly enhance the power of your image”.

Check out these tips from Raymond Winters on how to emphasize your main subject in photography!




Jul 01

Hello dear fans,

Hope you’re all enjoying the beginning of the summer, and finding great photo opportunities this beautiful season.

During the summer, you can put your photos to extra good use – it’s time for a new photo contest where you can win a digital SLR camera or a 1-year Expono Plus Membership!

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo at Expono and tag it with summer contest 16.

Last day to enter is September 30. Read more here!


Nikon d3300



Jun 29

We finally have the results.. First prize winner of our spring photo contest is Ulrika Nilsson with her photo of sisterly love. Congratulations! We will contact you personally for delivery of your new camera.

Sami Rahkonen’s entry had the most views and James Hamilton’s photos had the most favorite marks. The two of you win an Expono Plus Membership for a full year. Your accounts will be upgraded automatically.

Thanks for all the great contributions! 😀


Ulrika nilsson

Jun 19

Simon Takk – photographer and creator of phototechniques.com, claims that “as a photographer, vision is everything”. He elaborates and shares his tips on how to improve your photos with one simple change in this article.




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